One program, a world of possibilities.

Discover a high-impact career where you can help shape the future of Canada.

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One program, a world of possibilities.

Discover a high-impact career where you can help shape the future of Canada.

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Graduate Diploma in Immigration and Citizenship Law

Designed for the next generation of immigration professionals: whether you recently graduated or are mid-career, this program will train you for a high-demand role in Canada's thriving immigration sector.

Learn from experts in the field in an inclusive and engaging online learning environment. Build critical skills and real-world competencies that will make you practice-ready for an exciting career.


Career Pathways

This program is built to support a range of vital roles and professions in the immigration sector, including:

  • Immigration consulting
  • Advisory services for post secondary institutions and large companies
  • Immigrant settlement services
  • Diplomatic services and consular support
  • Immigration and border services

The program is ideal for a number of professional backgrounds, including:

  • Lawyers seeking specialized training in immigration law
  • Business development leads at law firms
  • Paralegals
  • Human resources professionals
  • Program and policy specialists in government agencies
  • Constituency assistants for elected representatives

Program Features

Immersive online learning

Stimulating online program to support learning, featuring live weekly tutorials with experts, interactive modules, case studies, multi-media resources, and collaborative learning and study groups.

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Graduate level studies

Designed for students with a bachelor's degree from a recognized institution looking to establish a career in immigration. Self-directed learning, competency-based assessments and a course load similar to a full-time job.

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Learn from experts

Developed by leading professionals and academics, taught by Canada's top immigration experts, and delivered by Canada's leading university.

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Skills training and foundational knowledge

Nine bespoke courses that cover critical areas of the immigration and citizenship landscape, from ethics and practice management to economic immigration and equip students with the professional skills required to be successful.

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Set up for success

Starting with an intensive six-week fundamentals course, the program is designed to prepare students for entry into immigration consulting as well as a wide-array of professional roles in Canada's immigration ecosystem.

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Ideal for a variety of backgrounds

This program is suited for a number of professional backgrounds including lawyers seeking specialized training in immigration law, business development leads at law firms, paralegals, human resources professionals, program and policy specialists in government agencies and constituency assistants for elected representatives.

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"My favourite part of Queen’s Graduate Diploma is the independent nature of study. This helps me to stay on top of my external responsibilities while meeting the weekly deadlines in the program. I am motivated primarily by my interest in the material. The instructors have a way of inspiring you to learn and develop as professionals. I advise all who are interested in the program to dedicate a significant among of time each week to complete course work. Enjoy the material and positive assessments will come naturally."
David Tingley
Alumni, Graduate Diploma in Immigration and Citizenship Law
"The Graduate Diploma Program is intensive, but offer yourself grace and try to embrace a learning mindset. In the Foundations course, there were a number of learning materials that really stood out to me. It was also really awesome to see videos of instructors that we learn from, at the Supreme Court to defend injustices and advocate against detention and deportation practices. If you see yourself as a future advocate for others - always remember to also advocate for yourself."
Tahseen Chowdhury
Alumni, Graduate Diploma in Immigration and Citizenship Law
"What I value most about teaching in the Queen’s Graduate Diploma is the diversity of learners, staff and instructors who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, geographical areas, educational interests and professional experiences. Despite being an online program, weekly interactive tutorials, online discussion forums, office hours and email correspondences provide many opportunities for engagement. What sets this program apart are the instructors who are the leading experts in the field of immigration, refugee and citizenship law in Canada."
Harini Sivalingam
Coordinating instructor, ICL810 Foundations Course, Graduate Diploma in Immigration and Citizenship Law
"A strong regulated profession only becomes one if the initial foundation is built with academic rigour, industry application and ethical responsibility. These principles are all embedded in Queen's Graduate Diploma in Immigration and Citizenship Law. It's a remarkable program that will ensure graduates enter practice as competent and ethical professionals with all the tools to run their own business, as well as support the aspirations of their clients in making Canada home."
Rohene Bouajram
RCIC and International Education and Student Advising;
Graduate Diploma in Immigration and Citizenship Law
National Advisory Committee Member

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