Full-Time Tuition

Please Note: This program is not eligible for provincial tuition support in the form of student loans or grants.

Tuition for the program is assessed on a per-term, per-course basis. 

Currently, total tuition for both terms is $14,167:

First term: $6,250
Second term: $7,917

Part-Time Tuition

It is possible to complete the Graduate Diploma on a part-time basis. Students who enrol in part-time studies will select courses each term, therefore tuition fees for each term will vary. To calculate your part-time tuition please refer to the course fee table below.

Please note that you must take ICL 810: Foundations of Canadian Immigration Law before any other course. All other courses can be taken in any order. All courses must be finished in four terms total, meaning students should take two or three courses per semester. 

For further information about the part-time study option, please contact immigrationdiploma@queensu.ca.

Course Fees



ICL 810: Foundations of Canadian Immigration Law (6 wks intensive)


ICL 820: Ethics and Professional Responsibility (6 wks)


ICL 830: Temporary Entry (6 wks)


ICL 840: Economic Immigration (6 wks) $1,250.00
ICL 850: Family Class Immigration (6 wks) $1,250.00
ICL 860: Refugee Law (8 wks) $1,667.00
ICL 870: Enforcement (8 wks)  $1,667.00
ICL 880: Citizenship Law (4 wks) $833.00
ICL 890: Practice Management (12 wks) $2,500.00
Total tuition (full time - 8 months)  $14,167.00

Payment Options

Queen's offers two ways to pay tuition:

Option 1: Term fees paid in full at the start of the term.

Option 2: Once accepted to the program, students can visit SOLUS (Queen's course selection and planning platform) to enrol in Queen's Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PPL).

The PPL is a payment program open to eligible graduate students only, who have NO DEBT from a prior Academic Year. There is no fee, or extra charge, to join the payment plan.

Example payment schedule: Full-time (8 months)

First term

Option 1

Option 2

First month



Second month



Third month


Fourth month   $2,083.33
Total $6,250.00  $6,250.00

Second term

Option 1

Option 2

First month



Second month



Third month


Fourth month   $1,979.25
Fifth month   $1,979.25
Total $7,917.00  $7,917.00
Total tuition $14,167.00 $14,167.00

The PPL can also be used for part-time studies, with payment for tuition spread out over the term and pro-rated according to the total fees for classes taken that term (please see the course fee schedule above).

For details about the PPL please visit Queen's Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PLL).

Line of Credit

Queen's Law has partnered with RBC to offer a student line of credit tailored to your needs, for both full-time and part-time studies. We recommend you reach out to one of the contacts below, as they are familiar with our program and your financing needs.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada only. Acceptance to the program does not guarantee or imply qualification for financing.

Benefits include:

  • Preferential pricing (Prime + 0.5%)
  • Interest-only payments during enrolment and 24-month grace period
  • Student is primary borrower; a co-signor may be required under certain circumstances
  • Opportunity to establish credit rating and develop an independent relationship with a financial institution

RBC Royal Bank
65 Princess St, Kingston, Ont.
523 Gardiner’s Rd, Kingston, Ont.

Niki Lianos

Debbie Geukers

Alternatively, please contact the RBC Advice Centre at 1-800-769-2511 or visit your local RBC branch to speak to an advisor.

Bursaries and Awards

Upon completion of the Graduate Diploma in Immigration and Citizenship Law, the full-time student with the highest overall grades in their cohort will receive the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) Academic Excellent Award. The value of the award is $1000.