The Graduate Diploma incorporates two intensive mini-courses focusing on legal skills. The first is embedded within ICL 810: Foundations of Canadian Immigration Law and the second is integrated with the final course of the program, ICL 890: Immigration Practice Management.

In the first mini-course, students will be introduced to legal research in Canada and learn how the law related to immigration and citizenship is created, published, indexed, stored, and how it is accessed electronically. This mini-course also introduces concepts of information literacy. Students will practice a variety of techniques for searching and retrieving the law and relevant legal commentary. Finally, this intensive mini-course will introduce students to the basics of legal writing in a variety of formats and purposes. Students will have regular structured opportunities throughout the program to develop, apply and reflect on the skills that have been introduced. 

The second mini-course is embedded as an extended practical capstone exercise in ICL 890. Students will integrate research and writing skills developed over the entirety of the diploma program as they engage with a simulated client service exercise.

Please note: these intensive legal skills mini-courses are components of courses ICL 810 and ICL 890. You do not need to enrol separately.

* Course summaries are subject to change.