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As of January 2021, Queen’s Faculty of Law will offer the only English-language pathway to becoming a licensed immigration consultant in Canada. Our program will train the next generation of immigration consultants in the full range of competencies and skills, from immigration and citizenship law to best practices for success. 

Immigration affects us all, today and for the future.

Immigration is at the heart of Canadian culture and industry. Over seven million foreign-born individuals call this country home, and over the next three years, we will welcome nearly a million more. Developed by leading immigration practitioners and academics from across the country and operating under the guidance of Academic Director Sharry Aiken — one of Canada's foremost experts in the field of immigration law — the Graduate Diploma in Immigration and Citizenship Law sets a new standard for immigration consultants.

This program is accredited by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and meets the academic requirements for full membership with the ICCRC. The Graduate Diploma will equip students with the knowledge, practical skills and judgement necessary to become a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

It does not, however, constitute a Juris Doctor (JD) Degree or qualify graduates to practice law.

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Offered by one of Canada’s most renowned law schools, at a top Canadian university.

The Graduate Diploma is offered by the Faculty of Law at Queen's University, one of Canada's leading law schools. Queen's Law is a dynamic, academically acclaimed research and teaching institution with world-class researchers in immigration law and migration theory.

Its Certificate in Law program provides undergraduate-level legal education to Canadians from coast to coast, while the Graduate Diploma in Legal Services Management delivers executive business training to legal professionals.


NAC%20-%20Peter%20Veress.jpgThere are many things I love about being an immigration consultant…
Variety: Immigration law has many sub-specialization areas that offer immigration practitioners a wide range of practice options, even in a narrow specialization area, no two cases are the same.
Meaning: My work affects the lives and livelihood of those I am privileged to serve and represent before a complex and onerous legal system.
Connection: I feel a strong connection to my practice, the work I do, and to my clients.
Growth: Not a day goes by without learning something new and applicable to better represent a client’s case. Contribution: I contribute to the betterment of my clients’ lives, my professional peers, my community, and by extension, Canada.

Peter Veress
RCIC, Vermax Group (Calgary)


Guided in its creation by experts from across the country.

Since its inception, the Graduate Diploma has been guided by a National Advisory Committee comprised of licensed immigration consultants, lawyers and community experts in the sector.

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