12 weeks

This course will equip students with the practical skills and resources needed to operate an immigration consulting practice, whether setting up and managing an immigration consulting business or incorporating these skills into an existing workplace, student advising position, or human resources office.

Best practices used by firms working in a global context will be examined and the core functions of the business of an immigration consulting practice will be considered in turn: set up, regulatory compliance, financial strategy, digital marketing, sales, operations and business development. 

Course materials and interactive exercises will introduce the basic elements of financial literacy, including accounting techniques, bookkeeping, and maintaining financial records. 

The increasingly central role of information technology as a practice management tool will be examined and critically assessed, with specific training in the uses of various software applications to support effective practice management. 

The course will also address how to work with third parties, how to critically assess clients’ eligibility criteria, prepare for and conduct an initial client assessment interview, how to write retainer agreements, and how to set up and manage case files and trust accounts. Bootcamp II is embedded as an extended practical capstone exercise in ICL 890. Students will integrate research and writing skills developed over the entirety of the diploma program as they engage with a simulated client service exercise.

Finally, students will construct a client file from the first meeting with the client through to analysis of immigration options, submission of an application, finalization of an application and closure of the file. Throughout this course, students will practice and refine the legal and practical skills required for effective practice management.

To learn more about the intensive legal research and writing mini-course component of Immigration Practice Management, please visit its page.

* Course summaries are subject to change.