Daniel Won

Daniel WonI am an immigrant to Canada.  Understandably, immigration has been a very important matter to me as I established my legal status in both the USA and Canada. 
I started as an international student in the United States back in 1996 and officially became a landed immigrant in Canada in 2003.  
I have studied in many different fields, including Business Management, Information Systems, Business Law and Accounting. 
In order to resolve my own immigration matters, I spent a lot of time studying, researching and investigating the immigration case laws in the U.S. and Canada. Consequently, in addition to my personal interest, I decided to become an expert in IRPA (Immigration and Refugee Protection Acts of Canada).  Ever since, I have been helping people to resolve problems to achieve their immigration and life goals.  
I also taught IRPA at Ashton College and participated in developing curricula in continuing education for the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC) and Specialization Program for Immigration Consultants Regulatory Counsel (ICCRC). 
My commitment to you at Queen's University is to inspire and to guide you through your learning path and to equip you with the updated knowledge and skills.  Like my mother always says "the problem is there to be solved, not to be worried about", I encourage my students to seek solutions with necessary skill sets, knowledge and wisdom.