Meighan Young

Meighan Young

Meighan Young is a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), Licensed Paralegal, Commissioner of Oaths and Notary public.

Meighan’s passion for immigration can be traced backed to her days as an international traveler, where she developed an interest in different immigration processes throughout the world. Through her own experiences, Meighan understands the complexities of immigration law. The knowledge of how impactful immigration decisions can be inspires her to help others who are looking to find a new home in Canada by assisting individuals to travel, study, work and immigrate to Canada.

Meighan represents individuals, families, small businesses, and corporations in all aspects of Canadian immigration. Meighan is happy to play an important role in making her clients’ immigration goals come to fruition, whether that be on a temporary or permanent basis.

Having dual licenses allows Meighan to assist foreign nationals who face discrimination based on their ethnicity, religion, citizenship, or place of origin. She is also able to assist temporary workers who may face exploitation in Canada.

Meighan is motivated by both passion and purpose. She enjoys working in the immigration and citizenship field, as she finds the work rewarding and challenging.