Swathi SekharSwathi Sekhar is a immigration and refugee lawyer practicing in Toronto, Canada (Tkaronto, Turtle Island). She has been working with immigrants and refugees for more than a decade in a variety of community and legal settings, both in Canada and internationally. Within her practice, she has been actively engaged in various constitutional challenges to the current immigration detention system in Canada, including the right to habeas corpus for immigration detainees and the need for a maximum time limit for which people can be detained in Canada. Swathi is counsel for the End Immigration Detention Network (EIDN), which advocates for the human rights and demands of migrants detained in Canada. She has appeared before all levels of the Immigration and Refugee Board, as well as the Federal Court, the Federal Court of Appeal, the Superior Court of Justice, the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada. 

Outside of her legal practice, Swathi is deeply engaged in migrant justice, anti-detention and anti-prison work within her local community, through involvement with various grassroots organizations and individuals. She remains committed to ensuring that her work as a lawyer remains grounded in and responsive to the needs of migrants and their families.